Tanks for asking!

One of the common questions we are asked is about the floatation therapy tanks we use.  A lot, and I mean, A LOT of research went it to this decision.  The things I considered were: ease of maintenance, durability, price point, company reputation, and what other floatation centres around North America were using.  I decided on the float tanks from Oasis Relaxation as they ticked off all the boxes that aligned with the vision of The Floatation Centre.

Early photo of a float tank: Back in the 50s, things got a little bit weird.

David from Oasis Relaxation has been a dream to work with.  We developed an excellent relationship from Day One, and he is responsible for fitting Float House in Vancouver with their float tanks.  I figured, “heck, if Float House is using them – and they’re arguably one of the most respected floatation locations in North America – then I certainly feel great about my decision“.  Oasis Relaxation has been around for 33 years, and David is a well-respected figure in the float industry.  He knows that I have a side-passion for craft beer, and sends emails about the beer scene over in San Diego.  We’re buds and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Our new tank in our third float room, however, will be different.  “But why?” you ask, “didn’t you just say that you loved the ones you currently have?“.  I certainly do, but here is the deal: I messed up.  To get a third float tank into The Floatation Centre, we would need to demolish a few walls and shut down for close to a couple weeks.  Fortunately, there is Jeremy from Escape Pods – modular tanks that we assemble ourselves.  Jeremy and I first chatted a year ago when he hosted me on his podcast.  I ordered, and use, his Bad Bad Fans in our current float tanks to assist with air circulation and condensation reduction.  After chatting with other float pals at Float Boston about their experience with the Escape Pods, I knew it was the right decision.  Our new tank will come with a LED light on the inside AND with audio capabilities – just like our current tanks from Oasis Relaxation!

Celebrating the little wins: our new Escape Pod tank has arrived!

I always politely disagree if someone mentions that the outside appearance of a floatation therapy tank influences the experience.  Here is what is important: giving an excellent walk-through and ensuring the guest feels cozy before even stepping foot in the floatation tank.  Gaining your trust and answering your questions is something we take very seriously.  In fact, all of our employees have a deep & natural level of compassion which was the primary reason why they were invited to join our team.  The Floatation Centre is a judgement-free zone and we’re here to provide you with a comfortable space before, during and after your floatation experience.  From the bottom of my heart, I mean that.  It has been an intention from Day One to provide a safe space for healing.  I feel like we’re doing a pretty great job.

Endless possibilities: Explore your Mind.

Kick off your shoes and allow us to be your humble guides for your first floatation experience.  Allow for endless possibilities when you are floating [naked] in the warmth and darkness of a floatation therapy tank.  We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity & are sincerely honoured to welcome you into our Home.  And heck, stick around for some post-float tea while you’re here!