Float it Forward

Many folks say they wouldn’t know what to do without us. It’s the most humbling part of the job: recognizing the importance of what we do and the services we provide. It’s also the reason why I, Lindsay (hi!), opened this business over 8 years ago.  To be in the service of others.

It feels like things are shaky out there at the moment. Maybe you know someone who is struggling and could use a break? Maybe we can provide some much needed relief for your pal.

Let us help with riding out this rough patch.

Purchase a float for a friend for only $55 + tax ($20 savings).  This can be done by going online HERE to purchase a session for them OR, if you’d like to give it someone anonymously, please call or text 902-453-5628. We just need the name of the person who you’d like to give a break to. We will create an account for them and add the float to their account. We will be happy to deliver the good news that there is a moment of solace coming up for them.

We are all worthy of healing.

Please note: This is a limited time offer. THESE FLOAT SESSIONS EXPIRE DECEMBER 31st, 2023.  Make sure your pal gets in right away to use them!