We’ve gotten still, as of late, and have really focused on what Our Purpose is here at The Floatation Centre.  It all boils down to this:

The Floatation Centre provides a springboard for happiness and elevated levels of consciousness.

But what does that really mean?

All of the services offered at TFC are intended to help you on your path.  Whether it be a therapeutic massage with one of our RMTs, finding a nutritional plan that works for you with our Professional Dietitian, or deepening your meditation practice through floating, we provide a space where this is all possible.  Personal growth isn’t always easy, but with the aid of our safe, compassionate and non-judgemental team, we’ll gently nudge you along and assist you with elevating the quality of your life.

The Floatation Centre is an inclusive, 2SLGBTQ+ community space where ALL BODIES are welcome.  We aim to provide a welcoming and safe experience for each and every person who enters our cozy, North End home.


Lindsay About

LINDSAY | Founder – I’ve noticed a common thread that runs through most folks opening a floatation therapy business: they’re ready to give up their ‘big people, 9 to 5’ job, want to elevate the quality of life of folks in their lives and to enable those around them to achieve their highest level of consciousness.

Now THAT is what I’m talking about! And with floatation therapy, it’s all possible.

Simply put: I want those around me – my community, my tribe (and myself included) – to be the best damn selves that they can be. My mantra throughout this entire process has been (and I apologize in advance for the cuss) to make GOOD shit happen. I truly believe that meditation (and LOVE) is the answer to just about every question out there. Get still, get silent. The answers will flow.

After spending the better part of the last few years of meditation practice focusing on “What is my dharma (purpose)?” and recognizing that, the happiest moments of my life were spent in the service of others, it was time to leave behind my career as an environmental engineer and begin putting words into action. And here we are: Atlantic Canada’s first floatation therapy destination, The Floatation Centre.  Compassionate, non-judgemental, and calm from the very first moment you walk through the door.

In the simple words of my lovely pal, Rich Aucoin, “I just want you to be happy”.



Palmer About

PALMER | Manager – I was introduced to sensory deprivation by Lindsay and Tara as a way of deep relaxation and meditation as well as something that could calm my anxieties. Coming from a hospitality and live production background, being able to work in a “fast paced and high stress” environment has done exactly what it sounds like it would… it completely burnt me out. Not only am I excited to experience the physical and mental benefits of floating, but I’m also excited to help facilitate everyone’s experience and assist in bringing balance to their lives.


SHAWN | Float Host – Floating came to me at just the right time. I had been battling depression for more than year; I was crippled with anxiety and barely left the house for anything but work. Floating allowed me to focus and gain a better understanding of myself and why I was feeling the way I did. I continue to learn new things about myself with every float.

My life has been greatly affected by incorporating regular float practice into my lifestyle—to such an extent that I bugged Lindsay for months to let me work here. But even before I was on the payroll, I would tell every new person I met about floating. Now I get to see others go through the same transformation. So come float and get to know yourself a little better!