About the Floatation Centre

It is our mission to make the practice of floating and meditation accessible to all — newbies and the seasoned alike.

We believe that, like yoga, floating is a practice that is to be maintained and provides benefits to the folks who decide to float in our tanks.

All of the services offered at The Floatation Centre (TFC) are intended to help you on your path.  Whether it be a therapeutic massage with one of our RMTs, finding a nutritional plan that works for you with our professional dietitian, or deepening your meditation practice through floatation therapy, we provide a space where this is all possible. Personal growth isn’t always easy, but with the aid of our safe, compassionate and non-judgemental team, we’ll gently nudge you along and assist you with elevating the quality of your life.

The Floatation Centre is an inclusive, 2SLGBTQ+ community space where all bodies are welcome.  We aim to provide a welcoming and safe experience for each and every person who enters our cozy, North End home.

As soon as you walk in our door, you’ll know exactly what we’re talkin’ about.