Nicole Marchand, Registered Dietitian

Nicole Marchand, RD, owner of Eat Well Nova Scotia completed her Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition with Distinction in 2010. Throughout her career as a dietitian, she has had a strong interest in digestive health and the prevention and treatment of chronic illness using nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation. 

Nicole became a consulting dietitian in order to help others improve digestion, to reduce risk of illness and to help ensure client’s have the tools and resources to live a high quality of life. She is a firm believer that most illnesses begin at the level of the gut and that with the proper education and motivation, anyone can take health into their own hands by focusing on nutrition and lifestyle choices that promote digestive health & overall wellness. 

Nicole’s approach to her services and programs are client-focused, easy to follow, educational and life changing!

 Due to years of experience and research, she has been able to format her programs and consultations to meet the specific needs of her clients. 

Nicole envisions a healthier province and a healthier country and the transformation begins with each of us taking control of our health, reducing our risk for disease and following a healthy lifestyle for optimal health and longevity.
Areas of expertise include:
Arthritis and joint pain
Liver Health
Mental Health – Depression, Anxiety, ADHD
Hormone imbalances including PCOS and Infertility
Allergies and intolerances
Skin issues – Rosacea and Eczema
Nicole supports any type of dietary lifestyle and will help each client navigate what health means for them based on their needs and wants. Outside of private consultations, she also offers two programs for clients to follow, one related to overall health and the other related to beating IBS symptoms. 

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