Akashic Reading

An Akashic Reading is a conversation with your Akashic Record Keepers and Guides.

Akashic Record Keepers are benevolent Light-beings who hold in trust, the knowledge and experiences of all the lives your soul has lived, is living and will live.

Many who come for a reading will ask about their soul purpose, or for guidance on a complicated situation or difficult decision. Some ask for insight on relationship patterns or vocational pursuits. Depending on the questions you ask, Guides typically use some form of symbolism to communicate with you.

Although the experience varies for each person, there is one consistency, and that is lovingkindness; your Guides will offer you as much love and warmth as you can receive.

Akashic Reading Prices

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To complete the Akashic Reading consent form at home, right-click on the first button to download the PDF file (79 kb) and fill out the document using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Akashic Reader

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy

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