Astrology, Tarot, and Hypnotherapy

The Floatation Centre believes in the importance of creating an inclusive, 2SLGBTQ+ community space allowing every BODY who enters our doors to feel welcomed and free from judgement. We aim to provide a safe osteopathic experience for each and every person who steps into our cozy, North End home.

Astrology chart analysis

Join Amanda for a complete analysis of your birth chart, including all planets, luminaries, 2 asteroids, and significant placements through the houses. You will learn the meaning of the planets; asteroids/placements of the houses and how they communicate with each other. Additionally, Amanda will discuss your personal strengths and give advice on how to navigate the more challenging aspects in your chart, as well as transits to watch for. 

Please Note: Clients will need to provide date of birth, location of birth, and time of birth at booking. An astrology journal must be purchased. Bookings must be two weeks in advance for the chart to be calculated.

Taxes are not included in the above prices.

Tarot Reading

Join Amanda for an exploration to your questions using Tarot and Oracle cards. These sessions are energetically supported with Heart Resonance and Reiki.

Questions supported: love, romance, what is coming next, choices, possible outcomes, what do you need to release?

I can not answer: medical/fertility questions. legal or exam questions. no lottery /stock/ or gambling questions. misleading questions lead to misleading answers.

Maximum 3 questions for up to 30 minutes. If you can provide name, ages, date of birth, time of birth, location of birth, and pronouns for those involved (if you can), as well as relationship: partner/interest/ex/employer/sibling/parent/dates if relevant (job quit/married/break up etc).

Taxes are not included in the above prices.


Join Amanda as He guides you into Hypnosis so you can pursue your healing. The first session is intake and direct suggestion, this takes about 2 hours. The remaining sessions are 60-90 minutes and we use either regression therapy or parts therapy to reset your subconscious beliefs, values, and the intensity of your memories that are undermining your healing and success in your life. Most single issues take approximately 6 sessions to resolve, and 6 sessions of hypnotherapy are equivalent of 600 hours of talk therapy. All sessions are supported by Heart Resonance and Reiki.

Issues addressed with Hypnotherapy (but not limited too): trauma, intense memories, abandonment, confidence, public speaking, exam prep, performance mindset, goal achievement, mental/sport conditioning. time management, self worth, anxiety, depression, insomnia, depression, pain management (with a diagnosis), smoking cessation, weight management,

Taxes are not included in the above prices.