Monthly Memberships

Like yoga, floating is a practice. You won’t get all the answers in your first float, but it certainly is a good start. Most folks find that a monthly float is the perfect way to hit the reset button in their lives and choose to show up for themselves on a regular basis, so The Floatation Centre offers monthly memberships so you can take advantage of the relief floatation therapy brings.

Interested in a monthly membership? Arrive early for your float (or stay a bit later) and we’ll help you with the membership contract — please be sure to book in as a Monthly Float Membership when booking online.

It is our absolute honour to have you as part of our Float Family!

Membership benefits

  • One 75-minute Monthly Membership float per month (billing takes place on the 15th of each month; monthly float is added to account on the 15th of the month)
  • Unlimited additional floats per month for $50+ taxes each
  • Unable make your float this month?  First float of the month is shareable with a friend!
  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Free Goodmore Kombucha, AND a Made with Local real food bar
  • Discount pricing on Infrared Sauna sessions and other membership perks
  • HUGS!*

* mutual consent required

Please note: If your account is in good standing (aka you’re all paid up), your floats will not expire! Otherwise, floats have a two month expiration period.