Black & Indigenous Lives Matter

The Floatation Centre is committed to providing better access to floatation therapy for everyone who wants to try it out.  We’re also committed to being better community members to support those whose mental health, safety, and wellness isn’t supported in traditional clinical settings.
That is why if you are Black and/or Indigenous, you will always qualify for a half price float therapy session.
No questions asked. Please self identify. When booking online, please use the promo code FLOAT50 to redeem your discount.
Recognizing that we, as a small business, are in a unique position to create more sustainable differences in the communities of Halifax is something that we truly value and strive to continuously evolve.
We love you.
We stand with you.
Racialized stress takes years off the lives of Black and Indigenous folks. If you’re a person still struggling to understand this, please ask and a staff member will email you information explaining environmental racism and community solidarity, and a link to where you can donate to Black Lives Matter Solidarity Fund NS or the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.
We are deeply grateful for everyone who has taken the time to help us learn where we can do and be better.
We are here to help keep you safe.