Fresh Start Floats

We love our industry to bits. Everything we do and love within these walls (and rippling outward) is because we believe in the powerful, yet simplistic, experience of floatation therapy.  As an international collective, we strive for cleanliness, professionalism & awesomeness, which is why we wanted to share with you a few things about our space:
  • Our environmental parameters are checked every day, and some parameters are checked multiple times a day.
  • We clean.  A LOT.  A lot – a lot.  If there’s time to lean, there’s time to clean!  
  • We used Roxul sound proofing and purposefully created the hallway to the float rooms as if you were entering/exiting a different experience.  We also do our best to keep our voices lowered but our happiness levels on high.
  • We LIVE (and love) to float!
  • Our team members are here because they firstly exhibit compassion for others.  Our entire philosophy is based on being kind to others and holding space.
  • We stay on top of what’s going on in the Industry and are registered members of the Float Tank Association.
  • If we notice that something is off with one of our floatation therapy rooms, we would rather reschedule your float with us so the environmental conditions were perfect rather than you potentially having a less-than experience with us!
Within our space, we hear a lot of “Ahhhh, yes, I’m glad I did decide to try this again”.  We reckon that those who do decide to give it a whirl again are likely a very small percentage of those who have gone to other float spaces across the globe, had a poor experience, and decided to never try again.  So we’re offering you the chance for a fresh start with us.

Hit the RESET button and begin, again, with us saving 50% off your first float.

The Nitty-Gritty Rules

  • Receipt (digital/paper) must be shown prior to float session.  Also, we’d love to hear how we can make your walk through more comfortable for you.  Please use this in the “Reason for floating” section of the waiver or let us know verbally so we can customize and make modifications to personalize your walk-through for you!
  • 50% off the cost of a regular float ($32.50 + tax)
  • Read the FAQs and What to Expect on our website.
  • Must be your first time floating at our space.

The Be a Good Human Rules

  • All receipts and the names of the other float centres will be kept 100% confidential and disposed of (or you can keep it for your records and we’ll make a note of it on your profile that you showed us the receipt).
  • No name-calling or publicly naming other float spaces on social media.  This ain’t about down-talking other businesses! It’s about offering a more financially feasible way to give floating a whirl again.  We genuinely believe that we do our very best all the time to offer educational, empowering, professional, clean, non-judgemental & safe experience and want to extend this to those who have experienced otherwise.
  • We understand that floating isn’t for everyone – but the industry standard is that it typically takes 2-3 float to really get the hang of it and settle into the experience.  Go easy on yourself! <3