North Node, Uranus, & Mars conjunct Taurus 18* July 31, 2022

North Node, Uranus, & Mars conjunct in Taurus 18*

July 31, 2022

Taurus: North Node, Mars, & Uranus 18°
Scorpio: South Node 18°
Virgo: Moon 17°
Aquarius: Saturn 22° Rx
Pisces: Juno 21° Rx, Neptune 25° Rx
Cancer: Lilith 12°, Venus 17°
Aries: Jupiter 8° Rx, Chiron 16°Rx
Capricorn: Pluto 27° Rx
The North Node, Mars, & Uranus are conjunct at 18°, trine to Virgo Moon, square to Aquarius Saturn Rx, and sextile Pisces Juno & Cancer Venus. The South Node is sextile the Moon, square Saturn Rx, and trine Pisces Juno & Cancer Venus. This is potent, active energy. Saturn is restricting something (check the house that has 22° Aquarius in your chart for specific information about what is being restricted), so you can grow and find other skills and tools. Venus and Juno, both in water signs are bringing attention to our long term values and committments. The Moon is hightening our emotions, and the conjunction in Taurus is manifesting rapid change with big lessons. Be prepared to go with the flow.
The great conjunction of 2022. Mars will always transit Uranus annually. But for Uranus to conjunct the North Node is rare, add Mars and that speeds up the energy! What a unique constellation!
Uranus transit through Taurus is a long one it began May 15th 2018 and will last until April 27th 2026. Uranus brings innovation, rebellion, and unconventionality to our sign of stability, self-worth, and finances. We saw Bitcoin take off with this transit!
The North Node entered Taurus January 18th 2022 and will be there until July 18th 2023. The North Node teaches the collective lessons. To understand your personal lessons, find house(s) that have Taurus 30-0° (the nodes transits are always retrograde). The North Node travels with the South node in opposition and that opposition wraps up karma.
The last time the North Node was in Taurus was April 2003 to December 2004. The karma from that transit would have wrapped up when the South node transited Taurus August 2012 to February 2014. At that time the North Node was in Scorpio – the lessons we were learning then, the seeds we sowed – are the karma we are wrapping up now. What was the theme of your life at that time? Check the houses active in your chart!
Now add Uranus – and you have the opportunity to do things unconventionally – which is really uncomfortable in the fixed sign of stable Taurus. But if you embrace the changes and chaos and get flexible with pursuing your healing, you will get along better with this transit.
Uranus moves slow, but the changes brought are often sudden. Mars bringing in the additional speed – and damn, we are manifesting fast – especially since this energy was brewing through the new moon! Now Mars isn’t stoked to be in Taurus, so it’s on us to process any BS quick, and realign with our healing selves. Keep your integrity in check. Walk your talk and you’ll be okay. Your values will guide you.
Tarot: The Page of Pentacles, The Home of Ideas//The 8 of Pentacles, Creation, Sun in Virgo// The Magician, Earth, Virgo, 1, Mercury//The 7 of Pentacles, Vision, Saturn in Taurus
Again, we are guided by Pentacles here, Taurus and Earth energy with lots of Virgo here. We are being asked to examine our values. Our integrity. To build a team, build community, with the vision of prosperity for all. We are asked to think outside the box and be very creative about our resolutions and solutions. We see this as building food sovereignty and water filtration. Communities of collaboration, support and long-term Mutual aid. We can do it together. prosperity for all.