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Stoo Metz (they/them)

Stoo Metz is a hard working never stop full throttle full time Photographer and owner production house Click Productions. There is no days off in Stoo’s world and that’s the beauty of The Floatation Centre for them, 75mins of bliss away from technology and emails and phone calls and meetings and photoshoots, a reset button if there ever was one for their high stress life. Stoo thrives on the hustle, their life motto being “Rather be Busy Than Bored”, Stoo also runs the social media for real estate company Blue List Realty and Crossfit Kinetics. Amazingly they still find time for Crossfit and their drinks with their friends. A HUGE supporter of Local Small Business, you can find Stoo walking into new business to welcome them to the community to keep us in a neighbourhood that loves and supports each other.

Day job: Photographer and Social Media Manager