Mariah Pelley-Smith, Reiki Master Practitioner


Reiki is the transfer of intentional healing energy. This energy is pulled from the universal energy that surrounds us. Reiki Practitioners are able to channel this energy more potently in their body to help themselves heal as well as others. Reiki works with different systems such as the Chakra System and the Meridian system. Reiki works as an intuitive tool that helps to clear the “blocks and/or fix“leaks” of energy in the body. A block can be in the emotional, mental, spiritual
and/or physical body(s).

1. A physical “block” can manifest as a pain in the body and could be a tight muscle, toothache, irritated skin, etc.

2. A mental “block” can manifest as a distracting thought process or inability to complete a “mental” task (i.e make a decision). The release may feel like emptiness in the mind, clarity around ideas that may have been confusing before.
3. An emotional “block” can manifest as outbursts of emotion or an inability to express true feelings. The release can be crying, honest communication or anything that allows the release of the trapped emotion.

4. A spiritual “block” can be anything that causes resistance between you and self-love. This can manifest in your life as not taking care of yourself, not doing the things that you are passionate about, etc. The release may feel like a full body lightness, the feeling of being able to do anything, the feeling of understanding yourself and fully accepting your strengths and weaknesses.

Mariah believes that these blocks are resistance to WHAT IS and manifests as challenges in our everyday lives. She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and her treatments always start and end with an open discussion about what the client is currently experiencing. Building trust and setting a clear intention for the space is very important to set the foundation of the Client- Practitioner relationship. Mariah is also Meditation Guide and has developed a series of Meditations that have the intention to work through Trauma, Chakra Imbalances, and Exploration of Consciousness. She starts all her sessions with a grounding meditation and then leads into the Pressure Point Release, Reiki and Sound Healing. This combination creates a holistic approach to her treatments.

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