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You can view our waiver at anytime TFC – Float Waiver Form 2018.

Before you Float

There are a few things to keep in mind before your float to make your experience as blissful as possible:

  • Bring yourself – we have towels and products for you to use after you float.  You float in the nude and therefore don’t require a bathing suit either! If you wear contact lenses, bring your case & solution with you as you’ll want to take your contacts out before your float.  If you have special products such as deodorant, facial wash or facial moisturizer, bring those along as well.
  • Avoid shaving and/or waxing within 12 hours of your Float session. The high content of salt in the water can be irritating to freshly shaved or waxed skin.
  • Please allow for at least 4 washes if you have recently dyed your hair.   If you have long hair please wear it up while floating!
  • If you have a small cut, you will be provided with personal-sized petroleum jelly packets to cover your small cut and reduce irritation.
  • Have a light, easily-digestible meal about 2 hours before your float. Rumbly tummies (from over or under consumption) can just be plain annoying and/or uncomfortable while floating.
  • People who experience motion sickness are certainly welcome to float however, in our experience, we have found that taking half a Gravol 30 minutes prior to floating has reduced the effects of motion sickness significantly – pretty much to zero!
  • Arrive a little bit early to make sure you use the washroom prior to floating. No one wants to leave the tank mid-float to pee!
  • Cigarettes are stimulants and may be a little too much for you before floating. Floating has been shown to suppress cravings and aid with kicking addictive habits. Who knows? Maybe your float session could be the first step of quitting smoking!
  • Like cigarettes, caffeine is a stimulant and should be avoided before floating. You want to be ch-ch-chilllll and not jittery before getting into the tank.

While Floating

Not sure how to let go? Here are a few pointers:

  • Start with consciously taking deep breaths – in through your nose, out through your mouth. Observe your breath but let it happen naturally.
  • Get cozy and explore what float position works best for you: palms down, with your arms at your side OR palms up, with your arms up over your head.
  • Let stuff go. Thoughts will come and go – acknowledge them and just let ‘em slide away. Hit the reset button and practice this each time a new thought enters your brain. And it’ll happen!
  • Remember: approximately 90% of our brain is busy dealing with external stimuli. Take away those distractions and recognize the full potential of your mind.

After Your Float Session

It’s time to exhale:

  • Have a quick shower, get dressed and exit your personal float room.
  • Come sit in the lounge, enjoy tea, take a moment to write your thoughts/feelings/observations in the journal and just enjoy being.