Single 75-minute float session  – $70 + tax

Intro Float 3-Pack (non-shareable, expires in 6 months) – $160 + tax

Monthly Float Membership (see below for details) – $55 + tax

Float Dyad (2 floats at same time) – $130 + tax


25 minute sauna session – $30 + tax

45 minute sauna session – $45 + tax 

5 pack of 25 minute sauna sessions – $130 + tax – PURCHASE HERE

5 pack of 45 minute sauna sessions – $200 + tax – PURCHASE HERE

Want to bring a friend with you to sauna? For only $10 extra dollars you can do that.  We will add on the price at the time of your sweat session!


Monthly Membership

Like yoga, floating is a practice.  You won’t get all the answers in your first float, but it certainly is a good start.  Most folks find that a monthly float is the perfect way to hit the RESET button in their lives and choose to show up for themselves on a regular basis.  Interested in a monthly membership? Arrive early for your float (or stay a bit later) and we’ll help ya with the Membership Contract.  Please be sure to book in as a Monthly Float Membership when booking online.  It is our absolute honour to have you as part of our Float Family.

  • One 75-minute Monthly Membership float per month (billing takes place on the 15th of each month; monthly float is added to account on the 15th of the month)
  • Unlimited additional floats per month for $45+ taxes each
  • Unable make your float this month?  First float of the month is shareable with a friend!

  • Minimum 3 month commitment
  • Free enVie Lemon Kick Juice OR Goodmore Kombucha AND a Made with Local real food bar
  • Discount pricing on Infrared Sauna sessions and other membership perks
  • HUGS!

View our Monthly Float Membership contract HERE.

View our Cancellation Form HERE.

Please note: If your account is in good standing (aka you’re all paid up), your floats will not expire! Otherwise, floats have a two month expiration period.

Student Floats

Oh buddy.  If only I knew about floating while I was cramming for my engineering exams.  I reckon I could have managed my stress levels far better.  So let us help you out! Students, bring in your valid student ID and you float for only $55 + tax.

How does floatation therapy benefit you, in particular? Here are a few reasons for ya:

  • lowering stress levels (and cortisol) – this is especially helpful around midterms/exams
  • super-learning
  • boosting your creativity levels
  • helps you catch up on sleep
  • heightened concentration – FOCUS

Our Floatation Therapy Tanks

Float Rooms One and Two host floatation tanks made by Oasis Relaxation and are booked on the even hours; Float Room Three runs on the odd hours and hosts the Escape Pod Explorer floatation tank.  We are able to book all three rooms at once, but give us a shout to book! If there are any difficulties when booking online, please do call us: 902-453-5628.  WellnessLiving is a great booking program, but it has its days and can be glitchy from time-to-time. <3


Want to experience the COMPLETE bliss of combining the floating experience with the therapeutic human touch of one of our Registered Massage Therapists? A pre-float massage allows your body to relax more deeply while floating and the Epsom salt solution is detoxifying.  Meanwhile, floating before your massage will allow the RMT to go a lil’ deeper in their massage, making it easier to work on any problem areas.

When booking these services back-to-back, you will receive your float for only $45 + tax! The easiest way to book, is to call us at 902.453.5628 and let us do the work for you.  If you’re booking online, please allow for a 15 minute buffer time between appointments.  We direct bill for massage through most extended health plans.  Float must be directly before or after massage therapy treatment (minimum 1 hour required) to qualify for $45 float, no exceptions.

This offer is also available for Acupuncture treatments!


Please note: For monthly memberships, only the first float of the month is shareable.  For example, if you are unable to make it to your float that month, you can have a friend take your place instead.  Just let us know! The additional floats at $45/month are not shareable.  Monthly floats are billed on the 15th of each month; Autopay contract is required!

When booking the Float DYAD, two float rooms need to be booked at the same time.  At this time, please call in to book a Float Dyad – due to physical distancing, we are only booking Dyads as the first and last floats of the day.

Gift certificates a non-refundable and not transferrable to other services.  For example, if a Gift Certificate is purchased for a float session, it is unable to be transferred over to a massage session.  We apologize for this, but because our practitioners here are Independent Contractors, we are unable to make these changes after the point of purchase.  Thank you for understanding.

*Taxes extra