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Nicole Marchand, Registered Dietitian

Did you know that dietetic services can benefit everyone?

Nutrition services with a registered dietitian can help you figure out the best and healthiest diet for you and your lifestyle. Whether you are a busy student, a working professional, an athlete or someone just trying to navigate all of the nutrition information found in the media, I can help you discover and understand the optimal dietary intake to meet your needs and wants.

As a healthcare professional, I believe that eating well reduces the risk of developing short and long term illnesses which can lessen quality of life. I combine by formal education in science and dietetics with real world experience to demonstrate to clients that eating well can be easy, fun, inexpensive and delicious.

My clients are provided with the right tools and resources to start or maintain their path to a healthy diet and a healthy self. Furthermore, as my approach to dietetics is strictly client based, I tailor each resource and meal plan to meet individual dietary needs and wants and in a judgment free environment

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Initial Consultation (60 minutes) $65.00 + HST
Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes) $30.00 + HST

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