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Monthly Float Membership
$50 per month
First float of the month is $50 + tax
Additional floats only $405+ tax
Autopay billing cycle commences on the 15th of each month.
Floats never expire!
Single 75-minute Float Session
$65 + tax per session
75 minutes of YOU time.
Zero stimuli, distractions, zero cares in the world.
Float Dyad
$120 + tax for both sessions
Float at the same time as a friend and save a lil' cash-money
Book both Float Rooms 1 & 2 on the even hours.
Hang out in our post-float lounge giggling about your experiences with your pal!
Intro 3-Pack of Floats
$140 for 3 sessions
For first-timers only
Three 75 minute float sessions to begin your float practice.