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The Floatation Centre is an inclusive, 2SLGBTQ+ community space where ALL BODIES are welcome.  We aim to provide a welcoming and safe experience for each and every person who enters our cozy, North End home.


Stephanie Dort, Registered Massage Therapist

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Stephanie is trained in deep tissue and Ashiatsu (barefoot) massage therapy. She also specializes in sports and pregnancy conditions and is certified in cupping massage therapy.

Stephanie adopts a holistic approach to her treatments and offers therapeutic homecare advice with every session. She believes in the importance of making a connection with the patient to create an effective massage treatment.

As a yoga and Pilates practitioner, runner and paddler, she learned early on the importance of taking care of your body.  She is a firm believer in the best health care being one’s own self-care strategies that create a foundation for wellness.

Stephanie Really Knows Her Stuff

  • Graduate of the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy
  • Completed Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage Therapy through the Canadian Institute of Ashiatsu Massage Therapy
  • Received the “Wholistic Therapist” award from the Massage Therapists’ and Wholistic Practitioners’ Association of the Maritimes
  • Also obtained a Master of Environment-Education for Sustainability and a Bachelor of Arts- Double Major in International Development and Psychology


Kim Harris, Registered Massage Therapist

A graduate of Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy, Kim Harris has been practicing Massage Therapy since 2007. With a strong belief in treating every being based on specific, individual needs, Kim provides a range of treatments from deep tissue therapy to gentle body and energy work.
From her experience, Kim has learned that a holistic approach to overall health and wellness is essential and she takes delight in treating within a team of thriving, like-minded individuals with complementary therapies and teachings. She revels in the idea that we are all interconnected in some grand, intricate lacework and hopes to provide a snug, supportive space to heal. Let’s put it this way: 

Kim Harris believes to make this odyssey of ours a little more enjoyable all we need is to tap into one of the grand masters, Mr. Bruce Springsteen, and find ourselves “a little of that human touch.”

Virgil Muir, Registered Massage Therapist

A graduate of ICT Northumberland College, Virgil specializes in a therapeutic approach that combines intuitive touch and deep tissue techniques. His approach matches his character, he’s a soft spoken and calm person who makes people / clients feel at ease in a professional and casual setting. Virgil’s interest in Chinese Tuina massage influences his treatment style. Virgil has more than 10-years experience as an RMT working with a wide variety of clients in a clinical and relaxation setting, his treatments are range from relaxation to therapeutically restorative. He loves helping his clients feel their best and gives a killer asian-style foot massage.

Many years ago, he received an energy attunement by reiki master beside a river during a rainbow gathering with 50,000 other rainbow children – if you groove with that kind of thing.


  • 30-minute massage $60.00
  • 45-minute massage $75.00
  • 60-minute massage $90.00
  • 90-minute massage $130.00

Taxes are included in the above prices.

Float-Massage Combo

Want to experience the COMPLETE bliss of combining the floating experience with the therapeutic human touch of one of our Registered Massage Therapists?

When booking these services back-to-back, you will receive your float for only $40 + tax! The easiest way to book, is to call us at 902.453.5628 and let us do the work for you.  If you’re booking online, please allow for a 15 minute buffer time between appointments.  We direct bill for massage through most extended health plans.  Float must be directly before or after massage therapy treatment (1 hour minimum) to qualify for $40 float, no exceptions.