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Katie began her practice of yoga during those fantastic awkward high school years; she was constantly searching for a way to improve flexibility and bring calmness to an ever racing overactive mind. As her practice developed deeper, the allure of aggressive, competitive sports lost their appeal entirely. Since that time Katie has travelled throughout the world studying, practicing, and teaching yoga as an effort to be forever growing. As important as travel is, Halifax will always remain home to Katie and she considers each and every Haligonian her big extended family.

A volunteer at Out of the Cold Emergency Shelter and Big Brother’s Big Sisters Halifax, Katie has found opportunities to introduce yoga programs to both of these organization.

What is she up to now? Inspired by her students at the shelter, Katie is now the creator of Street Yoga Halifax, a program that brings yoga to the homeless population within the HRM.  Katie has a passion for teaching not only yoga but also the importance of community, empathy, adventure, silliness, passion and over all, SELF LOVE. If you see her boppin’ around Halifax, always feel free to stop and say hi! “Open your heart, be brave, love yourself, FLOAT ON.”