COVID Protocols

Latest update: September 2021

TFC may be one of the very few spaces that as soon as you walk in, you can feeeeeeel the love/hug energy – even at two meters apart.  We aim to keep it that way. <3

By arriving in our space, you have agreed that you do not exhibit any of the COVID-19 symptoms and have agreed to our COVID-19 procedures. Please fill out this form HERE 24 hours before your appointment.  If you are exhibiting any symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, cancel your appointment immediately.

Phase 5 — What you can expect:

Masks are required to enter our space and in all common areas.  Once you are alone in your float room or sauna space, you are welcome to remove your mask.

For Wellness appointments: masking is at the discretion of the practitioner. Many of our practitioners will require to continue masking and will do the same themselves.  We ask you to respect the safety of our team in allowing us to continue to serve you.

Preamble: DO YOU HAVE COVID-19 SYMPTOMS? Keep yer buns at home, DUH!

All three float rooms are open! Dyad floats (two floats at the same time) are booked in Rooms 2 & 3 on the odd hours.  Read HERE for how to book a Dyad.

  • Wear a mask.
  • Arrive on-time, please, BUT if it’s your first time, please do arrive 10 minute early.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2m.  If someone is at the front desk when you arrive, wait in the vestibule until it’s a-okay to come in.  Same goes if you’re outside and someone is hanging in the vestibule: take a deep breath and enjoy the moment while you wait.
  • Come in, kick off your shoes and head down to the washroom to wash your hands (2nd door on the left, down the hallway)! There is also some hand sanitizer at the front desk.
  • You will then head directly to your float room (after we give you the nod) OR your Wellness practitioner will take you into your cozy space where relaxation and healing awaits.
    • If it is your first time in for a Wellness appointment, you will fill out an Intake Form in your treatment room or living room area (whichever is free).
    • If it is your first time in for a Float appointment, you will fill out an Intake Form in either our waiting area or living room area (whichever is free).
  • Please BYO-Toiletries for post-float use (deodorants, facial moisturizers, etc).  We are doing our best to limit touchable surfaces, and won’t have our regular selection of post-float toiletries.
  • We ask you to exit the float rooms within 10 minutes of finishing your float session.  If you need more time post-float, please let us know and we will adjust your float time accordingly. We need to clean and prepare the float room for our next lovely guest.

We are incredibly grateful that our cleaning procedures within our space do not have to change drastically with the COVID-19 safety guidelines.  We spend a lot of time cleaning our space – A LOT – and with our new schedule, we’ll be able to spend even MORE time cleaning.  Lucky you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our new, again, safety procedures.  We can’t wait to welcome you back into our space, our home, our Cozy Town.


Team TFC <3