#whywefloat – Taran M

In the early months of 2018, we were approached by Karen from Little Windows Photography with an idea of a Float Photography project.  Karen envisioned a plan where she could get to know some of the amazing floaters we host at our space, learn why it is they float and snap a photo of them pre- or post- float.  We are honoured by the openness and honesty shared by our float fam; it is a privilege to provide this service to our community.

“Taran moved to Halifax from rural New Brunswick as a teenager to attend a music program at NSCC. The transition wasn’t easy, and he found the constant noise and stimulation of the city overwhelming at times. Floating has provided him with a much needed break when it all seems like too much. Taran has battled with spells of depression and unstable mood throughout his life and finds floating to be a healthy way to cope with these difficult mental patterns. He uses his time in the tank to let his busy mind find direction. Important thoughts have a way of making their way to the surface in the tank. His float practice is providing him with insight about his emotions and how he chooses to process them. As a physical labourer – he currently he works as a roofer – he has been grateful for the salve that is floating. When his job leaves him with aching muscles and knots in his back, a float can provide much needed relief for his body.”

Also – Lindsay sat down with Taran at the end of the summer to record a session for his podcast.  Want to have a listen? Start HERE.