#whywefloat – Shawna C

In the early months of 2018, we were approached by Karen from Little Windows Photography with an idea of a Float Photography project.  Karen envisioned a plan where she could get to know some of the amazing floaters we host at our space, learn why it is they float and snap a photo of them pre- or post- float.  We are honoured by the openness and honesty shared by our float fam; it is a privilege to provide this service to our community.

“Shawna, who is a yoga teacher and a massage therapist, has been floating for two and a half years. She was nervous her first couple times in the tank, finding the combination of darkness and the floating sensation overwhelming, so she left the door of the tank open until she felt comfortable with her surroundings. As her practice has evolved, she has learned to accept that each float is completely unique. Sometimes, when she is having trouble relaxing, she stretches and plays in the tank. Other times, stillness comes easily. She gives her mind permission to go wherever it wants rather than expecting it to go completely silent while she floats. Shawna loves the lounge at the float centre and always takes the time to flip through the colouring books after a float to see what wisdom she can find there.”