#WhyWeFloat: Natalie

We use the word ‘compassionate’ here to describe the team that we’ve attracted. There is no one more caring and compassionate about your experience here than Natalie. Nat is part of The Tea Hive Collective, a group that provides harm reduction services//psychedelic support and creates safer spaces (primarily at music festivals). What she brings to this collective translates flawlessly to what she brings to The Floatation Centre – understanding, calmness and genuine interest in your well being.

In the post below, Nat gives insight into her float experiences here and its importance to her self-care regime. Thank you so much for sharing, Natalie! We are lucky to have you here with us.

Floating came to me at the perfect time.

I was ready to establish a new self-care routine, to attempt to quiet my mind and its whirling anxieties, and to focus on my body and the messages it held.

The tank creates the ideal space to let go of who we tell ourselves we are or why we feel the way we do and just listen.

Instead of trying to make things better, just listen.

The stillness and silence of the tank allows messages to be heard without distraction. So much of our time is spent thinking analytically about cause and effect, problem solving, pros and cons, good and bad. Living a balanced life requires more than doing the right thing because we know its what we should do or coming up with solutions based on the best possible outcome. We need time to feel without labelling or even explaining. Time to give our minds a break and float off our worries. Then we can move forward with what we not only know but also feel to be our highest good.

The only pressure you feel on your body comes from within, revealing where tension is held so that you can become aware of it. When in the tank you are fully supported by the epsom salt water, which can provide welcomed relief to physical pain. There is nothing we have to necessarily do about the tensions we feel other than tune in and let it out.

After a float, I feel a release, a lightness from letting go.
From giving myself space and time.

From honouring how I feel with each breath.

I felt inspired to write this from reading the following article:


which caused me to think of the float tank as a space where I practice radical self care.

I invite others to join me, try floating for yourself and see what your body wants to tell you.

Or see how 75 minutes without external distraction can impact your psyche in such positive ways.

Some floats I let my imagination run wild, other times my body tells me I need rest.

Your body knows what it needs so come on in and let it tell you!