#whywefloat – Grace F

In the early months of 2018, we were approached by Karen from Little Windows Photography with an idea of a Float Photography project.  Karen envisioned a plan where she could get to know some of the amazing floaters we host at our space, learn why it is they float and snap a photo of them pre- or post- float.  We are honoured by the openness and honesty shared by our float fam; it is a privilege to provide this service to our community.

“Grace, who suffers from chronic pain, has been floating every week for a year. She found The Floatation Centre through a Google search for natural pain relief. She finds that after she floats, she doesn’t need to take as much medication to control her symptoms and is able to sleep better at night. Grace described how living with a chronic condition that doctors are unsure how to diagnose or treat has caused her to feel very disconnected from her body. At times, she feels like she becomes a collection of symptoms and treatments rather than a whole person. Floating allows her to reconnect and be IN her body. Even if pain comes in the tank, and it does, it belongs to her. Grace’s doctors have recommended that she avoid exercise, so floating provides her with an alternative, safe physical outlet. When she makes an appointment to float, she is taking back some control over her own care.”