#whywefloat – Brandon T

In the early months of 2018, we were approached by Karen from Little Windows Photography with an idea of a Float Photography project.  Karen envisioned a plan where she could get to know some of the amazing floaters we host at our space, learn why it is they float and snap a photo of them pre- or post- float.  We are honoured by the openness and honesty shared by our float fam; it is a privilege to provide this service to our community.

“Brandon, like many other members of the community, first heard about floating through Joe Rogan’s podcast. He works as a DJ (check him out HERE), a property manager and is also a counsellor in a group home. He has been floating regularly since The Floatation Centre opened. He uses his practice as a way to solve problems and work through mental obstacles. If something difficult arises in his life, he books a float and finds that solutions are easier to come by in the tank. He has found that floating has allowed him to view behaviours and tendencies that originate in his childhood more objectively – and has grown better as a person for doing so. When his mind is particularly busy in the tank and he feels like he can’t relax, he plays, stretches and enjoys the unique movement and sensation that can only be found through floating.”