#whywefloat – Amanda M

In the early months of 2018, we were approached by Karen from Little Windows Photography with an idea of a Float Photography project.  Karen envisioned a plan where she could get to know some of the amazing floaters we host at our space, learn why it is they float and snap a photo of them pre- or post- float.  We are honoured by the openness and honesty shared by our float fam; it is a privilege to provide this service to our community.

“Five years ago, Amanda was hit by a car when crossing the street and suffered a traumatic brain injury. Recovery has been a long, slow and very difficult process. The first year of her recovery was spent focusing on the physical limitations that were imposed on her by the accident. She also spent a great deal of time worrying about how the people she loves (like her mom) were coping with her accident. A year into recovery, realized it was time to see a psychologist and begin to heal mentally and emotionally from the accident. A month later, Amanda floated for the first time. Alone in the tank, she was finally able to give herself permission to start dealing with the darkness, trauma and depression that had accompanied the accident. Before a float, Amanda usually takes time to draw a few cards from the decks in the float lounge. She uses these cards to guide her meditations in the tank.”