Thoughts from our Float Ambassadors – Sheena Russell

Ya’ll know those tasty Real Food Bars that our monthly members enjoy after their floats? They are made-with-love endeavour from Sheena Russell at Made with Local, a Dartmouth-based social enterprise who is spreading their ripple across Canada with their #noweirdstuff products.  Thank you to Sheena for sharing her float story with us below!

As I write this in front of my computer screen, I realize how screen time accumulates and lays heavy in my head. I think so many of us spend so much time looking at a computer or phone that we don’t even realize this sensation, until it’s relieved. For me, floating is the one thing that can erase the bright and gnarly impact of a LOT of screen time from my mind & body.

Just look at this beauty of a human!

I am an entrepreneur, I can easily spend 9+ hours a day on a device and know all too well the negative impacts this can have on my eyes, neck posture, circadian rhythm, and more. Most of this screen time is a function of my work but there’s a lot of room for improvement for me. I do my best to avoid mindless scrolling in the evenings (and definitely immediately before bed) but MAN, we all know how challenging this can be.

MY antidote for this is taking time for floatation therapy on a regular basis (I go at least once monthly). It literally feels like it ‘clears the cache’ of my mind. All of the fragments of data we accumulate in our day-to-day that stick to our psyche – it can be cleaned out. Meditation is a practice that absolutely achieves this, and whether you consciously go into a float tank to meditate or not, just being in that state of sensory deprivation takes you to that ‘cleaning’ space.

The screen-time escape isn’t just mental, though. I use my time in the tank to stretch in directions my mobility doesn’t usually allow when standing/laying down on a bed, releasing tension through my upper back, shoulders, and neck that’s omnipresent due to so much time at a desk or looking down at my phone. Is there anything more satisfying than releasing a long-pent-up cracking of the neck/back? (Sorry to my RMT reading this! Ha!)

For me, the screen-time relief and freeing sensations post-float is immediate – I feel lighter in the forehead area of my head – clearer, lighter and the weeks that I float my sleep always is deeper and more restful. My flexibility is heightened and I experience SO much less neck/shoulder pain!

I’m so grateful for Lindsay and the whole incredible team at TFC for creating a space where anyone can access this incredible resource. Did you know they even have a partnership with the Neurological Wellness Association to help folks to receive funding to cover the costs of floats? Ask anyone at TFC for more info once you’re in – it’s an amazing opportunity to have floating treated as the integral health practice that it truly is.