Sheena Russell, Float Ambassador

It’s been a lil’ while since I’ve highlighted one of the luminous Float Ambassadors here at The Floatation Centre.  Of course, with many big changes and expansions happening with the business of one of our awesome Ambassadors, Sheena, it seemed like the perfect time to pump her tires.  Well-deserved, t’boot!
My name is Sheena and I run the show at Made with Local – a little food company that produces a line of delicious Real Food Bars and instant oatmeal. Our products are amazing for a few reasons – they’re all made with tons of Maritime-sourced ingredients, and are produced at social enterprises here in Halifax and in the Annapolis Valley.
The biggest, and what should have been the most stressful leap in our business’ 3.5 years happened this past August; our Loaded Oats instant oatmeal was accepted into SOBEYS! Oh, and I was just about to get married. Oh and I was supposed to go back to my gov’t job as my maternity leave was just about to run out. I had made the decision to leave my ‘job’ job and go head-first into MwL.
Shit was getting REAL.
For all intents and purposes I should have been totally freaking out – but thanks to some incredible float visits in those few weeks and committing to a more consistent meditation practice, I felt positive and confident that this crazy journey was taking me exactly where/what I was meant to go/be.
Three months in to total self-employment our business is rocking – one of our social enterprise production facilities (The Flowercart in New Minas, NS) is expanding and we are now working on getting our Real Food Bar line into Sobeys as well.
Thanks to Lindsay for shining this little spotlight on my business and for creating a space for me and so many others to come, unplug, sort things out, and I’ll be honest, sometimes just have a little blissed-out nap!
xo Sheena