Ricky Goodall Float Ambassador

At my first networking event in Halifax, I stood off to the side, getting my free beer into me as fast as possible.  I was very nervous, it was stuffy, I was wearing uncomfortable shoes.  I felt out of place but hey, free Propeller beer – right?!

We went around the room, introducing ourselves and our business.  In a pip-squeak voice, I said “I’m Lindsay & I’m opening The Floatation Centre”.  Onto the next person.  After the greetings wrapped up, one guy in the crowd b-lined it for me and I could feel my heart race.  “Oh gosh, a stranger wants to talk to me”.  He told me how excited he was for floating, loves practicing meditation and was a professional mixed martial artist.  He wanted to help people find their true potential, and give as much as possible into the city that he loves.

The gentleman in the crowd was Ricky Goodall, one of Halifax’s biggest movers and shakers when it comes to health, wellness and raising the vibration of our city.   And he is doing it – ALL! Really, I don’t know how he manages to, but he is.

Ricky, just knowing you makes me work harder to achieve personal goals of introducing spiritual wellness, meditation and holistic health into the community.  THANK YOU for being part of this fun & wild ride!

Exciting news from Ricky Goodall: He just recently created the Happy Human Fair and has opened Elevated Wellness Center on Agricola which hosts world-class practitioners offering an array of wellness services.  

Ricky Goodall

Ricky is a former professional mixed martial artist, nutrition coach and President of Elevated Wellness Center in Halifax, NS.  He has recently finished writing his first book, The Elements, which is a strategic guide to manifesting the life of our dreams.  Word on the beat street is that he is already working on his second book.  Phewf!