Kate Hamilton Float Ambassador

I am such a lucky-ducky to meet Kate via the CEED program, which supports local entrepreneurs in opening their small businesses.  After attending many-a-workshop together, I got up the courage to chat with Kate and gain some insight into logo creation, branding and, well, style.  Girl is the snappiest dresser I know – which is why you need to check out her beautiful shop, Bodega Boutique, in downtown Dartmouth.  I’m not particularly a shopping kinda gal, but could spend an entire afternoon at Bodega chatting and trying on the gorgeous dresses that Kate brings into her store.  I’ve even been fortunate enough to nab her to help with the decorating of The Floatation Centre.  I mean, the girl owns The Wes Anderson Collection book – I’d be foolish not to ask her!

The biggest of hugs and thanks goes out to Kate for being a Float Ambassador.  I’ve got a lot of love in my heart for this gal; she is doin’ big things over there in beautiful downtown Dartmouth.  Another item added to the long list of reasons to visit Dartmouth.

Exciting news from Bodega Boutique: To celebrate Kate’s 30th birthday, this Friday and Saturday (March 13th and 14th), all regular priced merchandise is 30% off while current sale items will be an additional 15% off.  Local food darlings Manual Food Co will be catering the event with fruit-flavoured and cannoli-flavoured donut holes which you can wash down with delicious lemonade from Lemon Dogs.  You may need to purchase your clothing one size up!


Kate Hamilton

Kate is the owner of Bodega Boutique in downtown Dartmouth, co-founder of the Dartmouth Young Professionals and the Dartmouth Carousel Initiative, a photographer, animal lover and creative mind that dabbles in as many things that she can find that make her happy.  She began her journey with meditation during her undergrad when she was first introduced to the book ‘The Art of Loving’ by Erich Fromm.  Fromm taught her that “Love isn’t something natural.  Rather it requires disciple, concentration, patience, faith and the overcoming of narcissism.  It isn’t a feeling, it is a practice.” She works towards her practice of daily love through service to her community and others, and meditates on this practice through self-expression and creative pursuits.  She hopes to find in her float practice as a time for self-love.  For taking care of her body, mind, and soul in one place so that she can in turn be able to give more to others including sharing the joy that comes with that first Float experience.

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