Frequent Floater Profile: Taran

Taran came through our doors shortly after opening and has been coming back for more ever since.  Some of the most interesting conversations I’ve had have been with Taran, so it was natural to profile him as our next Frequent Floater.  If you haven’t floated before, I implore you to read through this blog post as Taran hits many of the key points re: floating.

Tell us a lil’ about yourself: Who you are and what do you do?

I always feel a little uncomfortable answering a question like this. I feel like it is impossible to really say who or what anyone is. With that in mind, I suppose I am a 22 year old fella who has been living in Halifax for the past 4 years. I am a musician. I have 8 years of playing guitar in various metal bands under my belt. Studied music for 2 years at the NSCC Waterfront Campus. I recently decided to take a large break from music as a career path in order to backpack around the western hemisphere. I should add that my decision to up root my entire life and hit the road was certainly influenced by the clarity of floating.

When and how were you introduced to floating?

I had heard about floating a couple years before it was available in Halifax. I heard Joe Rogan talk about it in his podcast and it piqued my interested immediately.  I had been diving in to eastern philosophy quite a bit and had already taken up a meditation practice at the time. Floating seemed to be right up my alley and I couldn’t wait to try it someday. One day a good friend of mine casually told me he was going to the sensory deprivation tanks that just opened in Halifax. I couldn’t believe a place opened in Halifax to float. I booked an appointment right away.

Tell us about your experience at The Floatation Centre

   The Floatation Centre is a place of healing. On all fronts. Physical, emotional, spiritual, the whole deal. I could tell from the first step I took inside the building. I could feel it. I have had nothing but the most positive experiences there. All of the staff I have had the pleasure of meeting are all amazing people. I love getting to chat with them when ever I get in for a float.
      As far as the floating goes, I absolutely love it. I am always singing it’s praises. I recommend that everyone give it a solid few tries. The potential benefits seem to be endless.
Have you noticed any improvements in your overall well being since floating?
With out a single shred of a doubt. I was not easy on my self growing up. All my friends and I grew up out in the sticks in New Brunswick. Rough housing in the woods, falling out of trees, snowboarding, mountain biking, foot ball injuries, were all on the menu. My physical health has improved a lot. I have regained range of motion in my shoulder which was dislocated many times during football. Taking up yoga helped a lot with that too, don’t go around thinking there is one be all end all solution to your problems. No one thing can fix everything. That being said, floating has been a big help.
      Floating has improved my wellbeing on all other levels too. I have been able to come to strong conclusions about my emotional state. Cleared out emotional blocks. Improved my over all spiritual and self awareness. I would go more in depth about those topics but it wouldn’t serve much good. Those things are insanely individual and I would recommend one go and have their own experience in the tank.
Do you have a few words of advice for first time floaters?
 Have zero expectations. In fact, go ahead and forget everything you just read. Even after you float, don’t have expectations of the next float. No matter how many times you float, never have any expectations of how it will go. Each time is unique. But never lose faith that it will be whatever you need to experience in the moment. I have had the most blissful and profound peace in the tank. Just floating off into the peaceful void. I have also been totally confronted with my self. All the emotions I haven’t been dealing with come knocking. “Hey Bro! You got some feeling to do! Get ready!” And the time in the tank is spent crying or feeling agitated and impatient as I avoid the emotions still.
      The important thing is to let go. Remember you will eventually crawl out of there like a new born babe. The world seems to be glowing. Welcome the opportunity for healing. To get to know about yourself. Yourself as you are beyond all distractions. But do not worry, if things get a little heavy, you can get out at any time. You aren’t trapped there. You can even prop the door open a bit to let a bit of light in. There is no pressure. Just peace, and an opportunity to heal. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually.
      Go into it with an open mind, no expectations and a light heart. You are in good hands at The Floatation Centre.
   P.S. If you have the time, be sure to stay for some tea after. It is delicious.