Frequent Floater Profile – Ryan Leblanc

Say hello to Ryan! Ryan has been a regular with us since September! In addition to being a monthly member, Ryan has used our Float With A Friend Thursdays to introduce many people to floating. It’s always so great to catch up with Ryan and meet some of his lovely friends!

1. Tell us a lil’ about yourself: Who are you and what do you do?
My name is Ryan, and I process claims for a major insurance provider. Sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen all day under the harsh glare of fluorescent lights basically screams, “you need to let go!”

2. When and how were you introduced to floating?
I don’t remember how I first heard about it, but for a couple of years it had always been floating around (ha, sorry) the back of my mind as something that I would like to try. Unfortunately, I didn’t know where or how I could make it happen. Then about 6 months ago I heard some rave reviews of this place called The Floatation Centre from a couple of my co-workers, and from that point forward I was singularly focused on making my float dreams a reality.

3. Tell us about your experience at The Floatation Centre
I’ve loved every minute that I’ve spent at The Floatation Centre, whether it was on my own, or with one of the many friends that I’ve brought with me thanks to the amazing dyad float promotion. Everything about the atmosphere and the friendly, welcoming staff radiates relaxation and positivity, and it puts me in such a peaceful mindset before I even enter the tank.

4. Have you noticed any improvements in your overall well being since floating?
Since I’ve started floating, I’ve noticed that I’ve slowly started to become a less anxious person overall. I have an overactive imagination which can lead me down some pretty irrational and dark paths, but my time in the tank has helped me to be able to calm myself down and come back to reality more easily than I could before. Not to mention the fact since I’ve started floating, I’ve slept better than I have in years. The post-float glow is real!

5. Do you have a few words of advice for first time floaters?
I know that it might sound like a cliché, but my advice would be to go in with an open mind and zero expectations. Everybody that I’ve floated with has had a different experience than I have, so just be open to the process and be ready for wherever it may lead you.