Frequent Floater Profile: John Rockwell

We immediately feel our selves calm down when John enters TFC for his weekly floats.  So it shouldn’t be a surprise that he teaches meditation internationally via Shambhala and brings this incredible presence to our space.  He is a lovely, lovely human being.

[I’ve been staring at the computer screen, trying to put into words my thoughts about John.  He has this draw… that I want to learn from him and soak up everything he has to offer.  I sometimes even find myself fumbling for words, or trying to be somewhat impressive, because of the calm aura about him.  So instead going on with endless drivel, let’s just dive into his Frequent Floater profile, shall we? — LDM]

1. Tell us a lil’ about yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

My name is John Rockwell. I’ve taught meditation retreats and qigong programs for many years.

2. When and how were you introduced to floating?

I’ve known about John Lilly and his experiences with floating since his book The Center of the Cyclone first came out in the 1970s. I was never able to find a place that had a flotation tank, until recently. My wife heard about your place and gave me a birthday float, which I first did in Vancouver, while visiting relatives. I then came to the Halifax centre and have been coming back ever since.

3. Tell us about your experience at The Floatation Centre

I’ve enjoyed the friendly and supportive atmosphere at this centre.

4. Have you noticed any improvements in your overall well being since floating?

Floating helps me relax tension at a very deep level, particularly in areas that have had chronic tightness and numbness. The relaxation effects are deep and temporary, but they do bring further awareness in everyday life for how to remain open and not tense up again.

5. Do you have a few words of advice for first time floaters?

I don’t have a big agenda for floating. Each time I begin by simply tuning into the immediate feelings of my body/mind. I let go of my habitual attempts to manipulate or attain any special state. Then my experience naturally evolves from there.  There are many different approaches, and people should trust their own feelings and instincts