Frequent Floater profile: Jeremy

Everyone say hello to Jeremy!

Jeremy has been a floater since our infancy, he also was a contributor to our Indiegogo campaign (thank you <3)! Jeremy is the epitome of The Floatation Centre, gentle and sweet but full of personality! Take a minute to read about Jeremy’s floating experience below!

Tell us a lil’ about yourself: Who are you and what do you do?
I work mostly in customer service and in my spare time I enjoy comedy writing and stand up comedy.

When and how were you introduced to floating?
I first heard about floating from listening to Joe Rogan’s Podcast. It always sounded like an interesting and unique experience. So when I saw an article in the paper about floatation coming to Halifax I made sure to follow it and get in as soon as possible.

Tell us about your experience at The Floatation Centre
My experience at The Floatation Centre has been amazing. The place is so relaxing throughout, there is something interesting to look at everywhere you look, the staff is awesome and it smells amazing.

Have you noticed any improvements in your overall well-being since floating?
I’ve noticed a lot of improvements in my overall well being since floating such as improvements with relaxation, sleep, creativity and has helped a lot with back pain.

Do you have a few words of advice for first time floaters?
Relax, stretch out and float away.