Frequent Floater Profile: Andrew

Andrew’s float journey began with us in July. It’s always such a nice injection of positivity when he walks through the door so it was natural that we chose to feature him next. Below, Andrew touches on a few key points about floating: allowing time for self care is important, be patient with yourself, and keep an open mind!

Tell us a lil’ about yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

I am an open-minded anesthesiologist from Glasgow, Scotland.

When and how were you introduced to floating?

I was aware of flotation therapy for many years and had always been intrigued. I do yoga and meditate so thought it might be an ideal way to complement this. Lots of popular culture buzz about floating: the legendary Joe Rogan being a big fan!

Tell us about your experience at The Floatation Centre.

Have now been 6 times and every time it gets better and better! Wasn’t sure what to expect the first time but I emerged from my cocoon mellow and relaxed and felt very aware of my surroundings afterward! Going back I was able to relax more and work with the, at first, very odd sensation of being alone in my mind suspended in space. Still sometimes have to really concentrate to decide if my eyes are open or closed!

Have you noticed any improvements in your overall well-being since floating?

Definitely feel the benefit of flotation. In this over-connected, multitasking world being able to take 75 minutes and just get to know yourself again is very welcome. I have an at times stressful job and knowing I have the opportunity to unplug is very helpful to my mental wellbeing!

Do you have a few words of advice for first time floaters?

My advice is to go in with no expectations and see what happens. It may not blow your mind the first time but it will certainly soothe it. Lie back, breathe deeply and let your tense body relax. Namaste!