Float Testimonial: Charlie A’Court

Due to confidentiality reasons, we keep the names of those who float here private. So the day that Charlie A’Court walked through our doors, I knew it would be a test for me to not tell my Dad who is a huge fan of Charlie’s music. But now… CHECK THIS OUT DAD! 🙂

Charlie describes his experiences at The Floatation Centre below. We are so lucky to have him & his family members floating here with us. It makes our work so easy!

As an independent business owner and musician, flourishing, surviving at the very least, in the music industry can be extremely stressful and the priority of safeguarding one’s physical and mental well-being can often fall off the radar.

After experiencing my first float session at The Floatation Centre, visits there have become a vital component to what I consider my “reset regimen” and a key ingredient to my stress relief. I often travel for weeks at a time and as enjoyable as it can be, I’m exerting a lot of energy on and off the stage to earn a living. Being apart from my family for extended trips can also be an energy drain. So, when I return home from a tour one of the first things I do to reset my mind and body is go to The Floatation Centre. Their 75 minute float session really helps me focus on getting back into the rhythm of a “home-life”.

Lindsay and her staff have really established an environment that is both professional and genuinely nurturing. They especially put a great deal of emphasis on assuring first-time clients that they are in total control of their experience. This assurance goes a long way in maximizing the enjoyment of the float session.

The effects of the float are so impactful. I often leave feeling centred and exhibit a peaceful focus and clarity like my mind, body and soul have just been re-calibrated. I feel motivated and self-assured. I feel calm, balanced and open-minded.

I have been treating my family to sessions and I highly recommend treating yourself to this wonderful experience. When we take care of ourselves, we’re better equipped to take care of others.

— Charlie A’Court