Connie McInnes, Float Ambassador

It’s been three days since my 7:15am Wake + Shake Pilates class at RIO HFX and I am STILL feeling it. Every part of me burns and aches, but in a rewarding way. Like most Haligonians this winter, the weather really kicked my butt. Sedentary days in front of a computer without my usual strolls about the town (insert senile rant about the sidewalks here) have left me, for lack of better words, feeling ‘blah’.

Enter Connie, the owner of RIO “Rock in Opposition”, an amazing Pilates/Yoga/Movement loft studio located in North End Halifax. Her smile is infectious, her classes are down right motivating, and I walk (limp) away ready for the next class. My energy is pumping and I’m ready to tackle the long day ahead. It’s vibes like these that make Connie a PERFECT example of a make GOOD shit happen Float Ambassador. Connie brings the sunshine to even the darkest of snowy, Halifax days. Lady, you are doing remarkable work in this city – we are so lucky you exist!

Connie McInnes

Connie is the creator of RIO Pilates and Yoga Studio. Her career path shifted from working in PR and Events when she decided to drop the dress pants to work more closely in connecting to people and the community. Many years of personal Yoga and Pilates practice, a background in gymnastics and dance, and a lifelong mission to make everyone around her love each other and every moment, Connie created a collaborative space of music, movement, art and laughter. A non-conformist at heart, a passion of bringing people together and an adventurous spirit with a drive to be an accessory in changing the world. Lindsay’s story is an inspiration. When you find something that makes you feel good – all you want to do is share it with others. This is exactly what she is creating. And it’s magic!! (Lindsay’s note: I swear, I did not ask Connie to say those lovely things about me. But she’s right – share share share share the love!)

Connie spends her time between guiding movement at RIO Halifax, sipping lattes over a laptop and Lion & Bright, and actively connecting to each and every person in this community. It rules.