If I could use one word to describe the past week, that would be it.  Wowzers.  The reception of The Floatation Centre has been nothing short of remarkable.  I’ve known all along that this is something that I wanted – needed – to make happen.  The support from external sources (YOU!) further solidified that I’m on the right path.  The article written in The Coast last week was shared over 1000 times which resulted in a flurry of emails and messages that I am still working on personally responding to.  Thank you for your patience.  Again, this is a one-gal-gig so while your messages & questions are very important to me, I still need to work with contractors, account managers, mentors, electricians, etc to make this happen.  Fortunately, I’m surrounded by family & friends who have my back – and the path isn’t a lonely one.

Aham Brahmasmi; I am the Universe.

I wanted to take a moment to update ya’ll with some important details.


I’m quite elated to announce that The Floatation Centre will be located at 2631 King Street in North End Halifax.  Just around the corner from Java Blend AND strategically located between two of Halifax’s soon-to-be-newest breweries, Wrought Iron Brewing Co and Unfiltered Brewing Co, I couldn’t have planned it any better myself.  Sharing the back portion of the building with me is Crossfit Ironstone, Halifax’s premiere strength and conditioning facility.  They’re up and running and ready to get your butt into shape! I can’t wait for folks to have a badass workout session then pop in for a float to soothe those tired muscles.  Pure bliss.


The tentative-but-likely-will-be-set-at-these-rates pricing is as follows:

  • $65 per single float (75-minute session, 6-month expiry date);
  • $50 per float with a monthly membership (one float a month, minimum commitment of 3 months, renewed monthly on date of purchase, shareable, can purchase additional floats for $40 each); and
  • 10-float package for $400 (6-month expiry date, not shareable, can purchase additional floats for $40 each).

There will be the opportunity to purchase packages of floats (i.e. beginner’s packages) and those details will be announced via my website.  My intention is to make floating as accessible for as many folks as possible.

Session Length

All first time guests will experience a 75-minute session.  This allows me to interact with each person, give them a run down of the procedure, and discuss any questions they may have without being rushed.  Ninety-minute sessions will be available, upon request, however the guest cannot be a first-time floater and they MUST arrive on time.  Please remember: the rooms will be thoroughly cleaned and the water in the unit must run through a filtration system after each session.  It’s a tight ship to run.

Within the upcoming weeks, I will be running a crowd-funding campaign which will give you the opportunity to support this wild & crazy ride and share the LOVE of floating with this beautiful community of ours.  Supporters will be able to purchase float packages at a reduced rate AND can grab some sweet swag along the way.  Please stay tuned via my website & social media accounts.

I want to leave you with a quote that has served as a North Star while navigating these channels.

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

— Mary Oliver

Don’t settle.

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