Wake Up & Say “Love”

It was a very conscious decision that I made to start loving myself.  One that took some effort, trial and error, and fine tuning.  It had been so easy for me to stand in front of a mirror and pick apart my physical ‘flaws’, to re-live past conversations where I said something I deemed silly or stupid or to get down on myself for not being ‘good enough’.  Once I started loving myself, this light emanated throughout all facets of my life.

I love easily, in all senses of the word.  I say it’s because I have a big heart, but honestly, I believe it’s because, for me, there is no other way to live.  I tell my friends and family that I love them and romantically, I give it my all.  I show emotions and genuinely vibrate love outward to those around me.  Why the heck not?

Taylor Conroy is the founder of Change Heroes, a social enterprise committed to giving 100% of their profits to ‘do more social good’.  My roommate happened upon him in Costa Rica last Winter and we became inspired by his message, and, by how big his heart is.  The video below highlights that, but more importantly, it showcases the importance of love in our lives even if just said to ourselves each morning.


How does this connect with floating?

The mindfulness achieved from meditating (and from floating!) was largely responsible for the self-love.  Listening to my intuition, being my authentic self and living fully translated into big, big, BIG changes in my life.  And I want that to happen in your life as well! Take a moment, close your eyes and breathe deeply.  Focus on the word love.  Allow it to radiate.  Love, love, love.  Let it bring a smile to your face.  Carry that smile throughout the day and share it with others.

I think that “Love” is my favourite word, too.  It is, of course, the answer.

Endless love & endless gratitude.