It’s all in a…. brand?

Sorting out my logo was an iterative and collaborative process, one that I would not change a single thing about.  I had a rough image in my head of what I wanted but sorting out something perfect became a daunting task: This. Is. My. Brand.  I would carry this forward for years, the look and feel of my business would need to be portrayed, somehow, in one image.  It suddenly wasn’t just a pretty picture to look at.

If I were to have a style, or at least favourite look, I’d attribute it to Mr Wes Anderson.  You know the one: Futura font, simple lettering, and those colours.  The man IS a brand and I love it.  Armed with this, I set off on the journey, which came to fruition today.  That said, I knew what I didn’t want.  Many of the floatation therapy logos currently out there are quite similar: blues and greens, an image of someone floating, a lotus flower, water, bubbles, and so on.  They’re all great, but just not me.  Whatsoever.

Iteration #1 provided the foundation for the entire logo, the essential step.  I worked with Bryanna from Double Dare and she is a dream to collaborate with.  Once completed, a friend and graphics design student, Stefanie wanted to have a go.  She loved playing around with what I already had, and Iteration #2 was born over a few pints of beer at the Lion’s Head (comfortable booths AND they serve Granite Brewing on tap).  There were still a few things to tidy up, and this is where I handed it off to Megan of Abracazebra Productions who finalized what you see below.  Wowzers, right? Megan took what was in my head and made it a tangible reality.  I immediately set it as my desktop background and sent it to friends for feedback – three cheers from everyone!

So what does it all mean?

The colour scheme has already been explained, so lets delve into the two main components of the logo.

Seeds: Floating.  The connection to nature (yes, the hippie/environmentalist in me had to be represented somehow).  I once heard a lovely line, that I am going to poorly quote and do not recall the source “Intent in nature orchestrates its own fulfillment” or, a seed becomes a flower without knowing the end result.  It just happens, it trusts, does its thing and becomes what it is meant to become without attachment to the outcome.  And I like that.

Rays of light: Shine a light! Be the light! Energy! Radiate! Vibrate! Connect! Oneness!

I’m excited to move forward and to continue to build the look and feel of The Floatation Centre around this logo.  It’s a funny feeling to look at a JPEG image and seeing yourself within it.  That connection, however, was all I needed to know that it is right.

Endless love & gratitude.

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