Floating and Self-Care

The term self-care has been a prominent buzz word that I’ve been hearing a lot lately.  For entrepreneurs, self-care should be a priority yet we manage to put everything and everyone else ahead of our owns needs which can lead to stress, burnout and even resentment.

Self-care is a very active and powerful choice to engage in the activities that are required to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health. And in this case, overall health includes not just the physical, but the psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual components of an individual’s well-being.

Six weeks ago, I made a conscious choice to take better care of myself.  I had been perpetually sick from November until the beginning of March and didn’t allow myself enough time to fully relax and get better.  I was beginning to burn out again, and knew that in order to serve and love to my fullest capacity, I needed to be at my very best.


Here’s what I did:

  • I started scheduling my work days better by consciously using my Passion Planner.  I love colour coding my activities and do my best to schedule similar tasks on the same day.
  • I also started to schedule in my down-time too.  I have a nice long bath once a week, typically every Friday night or Sunday afternoon.  I make time to read – both personal and business content.  I even schedule in exercise…. or else I won’t do it.
  • And most importantly: each and every Wednesday, I float.  Same bat time, same bat channel.  This is a non-negotiable item that I look forward to each week.  Since incorporating this into my schedule, I have noticed a remarkable change in many facets of my life: I’m less reactive, I gain a lot of perspective while floating, my meditations have gone deeper, my body feels incredible and that post-float sleep is… bananas.  The best part? The effects continue to last longer and longer! Also, and let’s be real about this: PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!

I didn’t realize how poorly I had been been treating myself until I made the effort to start nurture my well-being intentionally.  By taking a step back and observing the 30,000 foot view, I was able gain the perspective needed to see that Lindsay-time was basically non-existent.  And of course this revelation came to me while floating.

How has floating upped your self-care regime?

Endless love & gratitude,