Float at the end of the tunnel

Three weeks.  The Floatation Centre has been open for three whole weeks.  I’m not entirely sure where the time has gone, but here we are – in this present moment.

As a new business owner, I’ve learned more about myself in these past few months than I have in many of the previous years collectively combined.  My capabilities, where my limits are, to view circumstances through the eyes of compassion, and to believe in myself.  That’s a big one: to believe in myself.  To have the CONFIDENCE to:

Dream It → Plan It → and then DO IT

Like all small businesses, there were lots of bumps along the way.  On opening day, the POS system decided to take a nap, I learned that a 10-minute walk-through with new clients is far too long, and that I had to be a very efficient cleaner.  Very.  But on that very first day, a first-time floater came out with tears in their eyes and confided with me that it was the first time they had been pain free in nearly 3 years since a motor vehicle accident.  And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, THAT is what this is all about.  Along the way I’ve developed a new mantra that I repeat daily:

Gratitude is my currency.

I want to share with you, some of my favourite moments and highlights from the past few weeks.  Allow me to reminisce.

  • I get hugs, everyday.  If you know me, you know that hugs are one of my favourite things.  Ever.
  • Folks confide in me, and are outwardly thankful for providing them with a space where they walk through the door and feel safe and “at home”.
  • I listen to story after story of people who have suffered from chronic pain or have had their lives turned upside down by XYZ and that floating has provided them with relief for the first time in years.
  • After a massage with Monika, a client turned around to me and stated “I need to break up with current massage therapist because Monika is amazing” (don’t I know it!)
  • I was on the moving picture box! (See link here)
  • Repeat clients who schedule themselves in once a week because “this is exactly what they need in their life”.
  • Clients who are now friends.
  • Did I mention I get a lot of hugs? Cos I do.
  • I cry tears of joy all the time.  I’m definitely emotional these days (equal parts exhausted mixed with plain ol’ emotional Lindsay), but there has been a huge build up to this and now, here were are: OPEN.
  • I’m surrounded by the most amazing practitioners who are, in my humble opinion, masters in their field of practice.  They deep, down genuinely care about the health and wellness of everyone around them.  Everything the practice compliments the floating experience – and they’re fully onboard!

Here’s the best part: I get to float.  I schedule myself in, once a week, to get still, get silent and just float.  I exit the tank feeling rejuvenated and wash away all the worries that had begun to build up in the pit of my stomach and weasel their into my shoulders.  Time to reflect, time to relax and time to just be.

I invite you to come in, get yourself into a tank and take 75-minutes of pure silence for yourself.  Get a massage beforehand (bliss!).  If you’re experiencing chronic stress or fatigue (or just want a tune-up!), visit our Naturopathic Doctor to get your body back in balance.  Sit with Nicole, our Professional Dietitian, to focus in our any dietary shifts you may need to make find your optimal self.  We’re doing a remarkable job of getting Halifax holistically happy & healthy, and I am completely humbled that you’ve accepted The Floatation Centre with big, open arms.

Endless love & endless gratitude,