Fan Your Flames

The inspiration for this post came from this lovely, lovely quote from my homeboy, Rumi:

Things have been really on lately.  I mean, REALLY on.  Sure, I have hit a shed load of setbacks, but so far, navigating through these murky waters has been viewed from the perspective of a ‘learning process’ as opposed to a ‘I’m going to pull my hair out’ meltdown.

Interacting with other entrepreneurs has been one of the highlights of these past few weeks.  As soon as I mention that I’m starting my own business, ears perk up and there comes an outpouring of the what can I do to help you? mentality.  People who have been there, or are going through it with me now,  know how important it is to form a tribe to support one another and to have your back.  While I don’t get to see my friends as much as I used to (I’m working through a bit of guilt here), meetings, networking and even working from a space outside of the home, have all become places to filleth my social cup.

What I have learned from these experiences, is that there are some darn amazing young *ahem* folks making good stuff happen in this city of ours.  And with the best of intentions.  The energy is high, motivated and selfless.  There isn’t talk about “how much money can I make?” but “how many people can I help?”.  This is the attitude that I like to align myself with and believe is the foundation of success.  My kind of currency.

Another thing I’ve learned to do, is to say “No” – a major challenge for this gal.  The ever-pleaser in me wants to help/work with/support everyone around me, but I’ve had to use my intuition to guide me here.  If you’re feeling like it isn’t right, there is likely a reason why.  Who do you want to have attached to your business? Think about that for a while, and get clear.  I dealt with a guilty feeling for saying “No” to someone only to turn around and find them doing something that I would not want to be a part of.  Trust your gut.

Surround yourself with good peeps.  Let them fan your flames.  Do the same.  Ignite the world with your passion to make good shit happen.  Together.

</all of the love>