Doing Nice Things & Raising Awareness for The Marguerite Centre

“The Marguerite Centre provides a holistic, women centred approach to recovery from substance misuse and gambling addiction. They are an inclusive, safe, non-judgmental environment; free from discrimination and available regardless of economic status.”

A group of pals in the local wellness industry have gotten together to treat the women from The Marguerite Centre to a day of self-care on March 27th, 2019. They intend on using the month leading up the the day to raise awareness and funds for The Marguerite Centre so they can continue serving our community. This day of self-care is not about those volunteering their time/space and we respect the privacy of those staying at TMC. Because of such, we ask you to share this campaign with others; even if you’re unable to donate. Spreading the word is important. Collaboration is important. Love is important.

You can find the link HERE.