Brrrrr it’s cold out there!

During the cooler months it can be harder to shake off the chill and leave winter behind you. It is tends to be more challenging, for some, to stay warm while floating so here are a few tips that will 100% help:

☀️Arrive early to warm up and shake off the chill in our lounge area. Warm up those toesies!

☀️Help yourself to hot water or tea to heat up internally. Then make sure to use the bathroom (again!) prior to floating. 😉

☀️Don’t take a hot shower prior to getting into the float tank. Your body will notice a temperature difference between itself and the temperature of the water/air in the tank and it gives the perception that the water/air is cooler than what it is. Instead take a tepid, but cozy, shower.

☀️Stretch out and move a bit at the beginning of your float then do your best to remain still during the remainder of your float. Water moving over the skin creates a cooling sensation while the water evaporates away from your skin. Fun fact: kangaroos lick themselves to cool off during the hot summer months.

I personally have a hard time keeping warm while the temperatures drop below zero outside, and these tricks work for me. I try to make sure that my feet are warm before floating because it’s something that can be distracting – but otherwise, a pre-float tea/warm water and a tepid shower do the trick for me.

Stay warm, pals.☀️