Be Awesome, Be Yourself

Preface: I started writing this blog post over 1.5 months ago. Let’s just say that I have been very busy, but maybe more importantly, I was a little apprehensive about how this entry would come across. I didn’t want to sound as if I was pumping my own tires, but really wanted to share some of the amazing things that have been happening. I can easily go day-to-day, week-to-week, without taking a moment to step back and appreciate what has been created here. The gentle reminder to celebrate the little wins always pops up at the right time, so here I am, celebrating the little wins with you.

In the end, I decided I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t chat up some of the righteous activity happening here. I wouldn’t be following my strongest personal mantra: Be Yourself. So here we go…

On a semi-regular basis, I’ll get asked one of the more important questions in life: “Why do you do what you do?”, “Why The Floatation Centre?” (or perhaps the counter-question, “Why not engineering?”). I’ve had plenty of time to rest easy on this question, and likely the simplest answer I can give is this:

“Don’t ya just want everyone around you to be awesome?”

I understand, don’t answer a question with another question, but it gets you thinking, doesn’t it? Surround yourself with awesome. Be awesome. Spread awesome. This all started by my admittedly selfish need to get people to meditate. I’ve experienced it: depression, stress and crippling anxiety (we’re talking about the kind of anxiety where your hands sweat profusely, the contents of your tummy liquify instantly, your vision blurs and your heart beats out of your chest). What helped regain control of my thoughts and my physiology was meditation.

The weighty impact a regular meditation practice has on my wellbeing is something I wanted to share with others. Of course, after researching all facets of floatation therapy, I soon realized that it can help EVERYONE — not just those who want to find stillness and silence in meditation. And now, five-ish months since opening day, I get to experience all the benefits first hand.

It’s not secret that I cry/tear up a lot. On a daily basis, I am fortunate enough to witness people experiencing magnificent changes in their lives and I get to be part of it. It’s not reading a research paper, it’s seeing the results. Circumstances like:

  • 100% pain-free for the first time in years;
  • Finding a deep sense of relief and calmness in a busy, bird-brain mind;
  • Experiencing closure after the loss of a loved one;
  • Emotional releases when the body is able to “just be”;
  • Creative breakthroughs;
  • Increased circulation and regaining of movement in limbs after multiple sessions; and,
  • Saying PEACE OUT to stress!

Again, what happens here at The Floatation Centre is profound and moving in so many ways.

Aside from the floatation experience, there are three things that we regularly are complimented on. I want to share these points here as I truly believe that it is what makes our little space in North End Halifax unique.

The Practitioners

Practitioners who genuinely care. Myself and Dr Tara, TFC’s Wellness Coordinator, work hard to ensure that all members of the TFC team are on their path. I love overhearing someone say “Oh great! So-and-So is in today – I love watching their progress!”. That right there, folks, THAT is the good stuff. The stuff that when you hear it, your skin tingles because you’ve found someone whose philosophies align with what you’ve set out to do: assist those around you to be their very best.

We work hard has heck, Dr Tara especially, to communicate and aid the practitioners here to find their own path. Tara has exceptional counselling skills and has spent countless hours providing the practitioners with gentle nudges in the direction of their dreams — this includes me too! — and I love watching people flourish with her guidance. We support one another, refer within TFC and laugh A LOT. It’s a dream environment where 10:00am team meetings include cookies. Stephanie, Tara, Jenny, Nicole and Stephanie — you are all superstars and masters of your domain. Thank you for being part of this and allowing me to learn from you as I fumble my way through learning the ins and outs of running a business.

Palmer and Leah

I have Founder’s Syndrome. Straight up: I spend a lot of time worrying about “my baby”, the message that I am trying to convey, and how it is communicated. That’s why I am thankful as all heck that I have two comrades working the front desk with me who I trust wholly to navigate the ship when I’m not there. I love receiving little messages from folks who will take a moment to say that Palmer or Leah provided them with A-1 service and made them feel at home before and after their float. With floating, trust is HUGE, and I am confident in knowing that Palmer & Leah are making your experience a personal priority. They’re just the bee’s knees.

The Vibe

After a long, relaxing exhale, return guests usually exclaim “I LOVE the energy in here. It feels like home!”. BINGO. Nailed it. Knowing that I would be spending more time at TFC than at home, I was quite aware that the space had to feel cozy from the moment you walk in. It was a conscious thought to stay away from ‘clinical’ (remember, this is a place where people take their shoes off, cry, hug, relax..) but maintain a professional yet comfy feel. With next to nothing in design experience, I looked to the help of Kate Hamilton, Owner of Bodega Boutique AND righteous Float Ambassador. It was very important that we created a space for people to “just be”. We smudge. We give the rooms a little blessing each day for the people who will come in and trust us with a very individual and intimate experience. And then we smudge some more to keep the good vibes raised to the ROOF!

There is a lot of good going on here at The Floatation Centre. We welcome everyone in through the doors here with open arms, and maybe a hug or two, and encourage folks to be their awesome selves. You’re doing it so well… thanks for letting us help you along the way.

Endless love and endless gratitude,