Welcome to our first annual Guest Survey Report! As we float into the start of our 4th year of operations (HOLY SMOKES!!!) we thought it would be a good time to check in with you to see if there were any improvements to our space and operations.

We sifted through our results to find the most pertinent information for both us and you, so let’s get to the numbers:

Our Monthly Members make up just over one third of our floaters. The benefits to a monthly routine are greater than just the perks. Building your float practice into a routine allows you a regular time and space FOR YOU. Meditate, be still, reconnect with yourself, or just veg out – it’s sacred time for you to just be with yourself without interruption.

The most interesting part of this question is that “None” was an option, it just wasn’t picked! While some people may think that “Deeper Spiritual Connection” is an esoteric option that cannot be measure, “Decreased Anxiety” can be! Thirty-one percent (31.3%) of all participants noted a decrease in anxiety after floating. And 31.3% of participants have also noted improvements in all options! ALL OPTIONS!

When the question of “What Keeps You From Floating?” is asked, Finances are always the resounding winner. To us, the balancing act of keeping Floating financially accessible without devaluing the service has been an ongoing conversation and project since we opened our doors. What good is a service that can help so many individuals if they cannot access the service? But what good is a service that can help so many individuals if the business is unable to be financially viable?

Our Monthly Membership is a good place to start, but if that is out of your price range here are a few more options:

  • We have aligned with the Neurological Wellness Association to help provide our community with access to funding for our services. You can head over to their website and apply for a membership ($50 annually). You will be contacted by someone who will work with you to create a plan to improve your health and quality of life by accessing discounts, subsidies and services – people with serious health concerns are approved for a free membership! Please note that this is an application for a funding solution – not a discount on our services. The Association will then issue you a membership card to use at our space and voila! You’re good to go!
  • Volunteer with us! We have a team of volunteers that do a variety of jobs like deep clean and maintenance to daily cleaning tasks. If this is something you’re interested in – drop us a line at
  • Apply for our Compassion Float Program. Applicants are selected on a monthly basis and receive 3 free floats for a month. After that month, you are eligible for a discounted rate of $32.50 + HST for as long as you would like to float with us. Find more information here:
  • Do you have Insurance Coverage? Give them a call and see if they recognize Floatation Hydrotherapy. We have guests who are covered! Also, groups such as the Nova Scotia Teachers Union have their floats covered when coupled with a naturopathic service such as Bowen Therapy.  And let us tell you this: floating after Bowen Therapy elevates the treatment experience to another dimension.  Read more HERE.

Congratulations to Vera B for filling out our survey! You’ve won a fee 75-minute float session with us.

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