Pop-up Wellness Event: December 5th – Theta Healing


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Mark your calendars! Our next Pop-up Wellness session will be on Saturday, December 5th with Louise Doucet, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner®.  To schedule in a session with Louise, contact us: 902.453.5628 or hello@thefloatationcentre.com.


Louise has both Basic and Advanced certification in Theta Healing® from The ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge (THInK) certified instructor. In her work life Louise is a trained counsellor working in the addictions field with a background in psychology. She’s a non-judgmental spiritual knowledge seeker and people (with all their emotions, joys and struggles) have always been her thing!

In her words:

The three points most important to share with anyone who has not had any Theta Healing is first that the practitioner is not a healer. The technique simply allows you to visualize and focus meditative energy through you to the person receiving. To get to the root of what to work on there are a lot of questions and that can be slightly uncomfortable. But once they’ve been found and cleared or healed or clarified there’s a feeling of peace. And that’s the second important point, a Theta Healing will leaving you feeling peaceful. When I had other students working on me I had so many emotions come up and just flow away. For me with my eyes closed I felt more than saw changes. Some students reported seeing images or hearing words or just a settling feeling. Like with meditation in general the experiences are very individual. The third point, you do not have to be someone who meditates or knows how to benefit at all! That’s the practitioners’ role. As a client your role is to sit facing me and be present, that’s it. It’s an amazing experience!

Looking to learn more about Theta Healing®? Check out the FAQ page here.

(A note about the language of Theta Healing – if you go to the main website you read about changing DNA, the Creator, downloading information and any number of other descriptors. If those make sense to you great, if they don’t then don’t pay too close attention. All Theta requires is a belief in something bigger than us not matter how you define it; universe, source, collective conscious, God, an undefinable mystery. The rest is semantics. )

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  1. Candice
    November 22, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Hello I am wondering about the timings available for the Theta Healing sessions Please response at earliest connivence.

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