Student Floats for $55

When it came to University, you could say I did a victory lap or two.  I started at Saint Mary’s University with the hopes of entering into medicine and one day, becoming a coroner (I know, don’t ask).  I picked up a Diploma of Forensic Sciences along the way but, after realizing that every second year science student referred to themselves as “pre-med” I got scared and started to explore other options.  I entered into Engineering without really knowing what it entailed, but hoped that I’d get to drive a train or two along the way….  After taking a year off to travel, I finished up my final three years of Chemical-Environmental Engineering at UBC in Vancouver, I entered the real world – during a recession.  Talk about timing!

If there is one thing I could change during those years – where you’re questioning the reasoning behind the examination process or staying up to the wee mornings hours LaPlace transforming your life away – it would be having a better way to relieve stress other than BEER.

This, my dear student friends, is for you.

Floating promotes and/or enhances and/or aids with:

  • meditation;
  • super-learning;
  • creativity (NSCAD students, I’m looking at you and your beautiful, artistic souls);
  • REST (an hour in a float tank is the equivalent of 4 – 6 hours of deep, rested sleep);
  • a vacation from your phones/computers/tablets; and,
  • decreasing stress, anxiety and depression – naturally!

Sidenote: I’m also told that it helps with hangovers *ahem* but that’s neither here nor there.

Save your beer money for one week and invest it in yourself.  Take it from an ol’ timer: you absolutely deserve it.  Book a session, show up with a valid student ID and float for $55 (+taxes).  Easy peasy.