Shanti Yoga + The Floatation Centre

Hot off the presses from Shanti’s recent newsletter:

Shanti teams up with The Floatation Centre!

We are incredibly happy to announce a new partnership with our friends at The Floatation Centre. The long and short of it: If you have a monthly membership with us, you receive 15% off single float sessions at The Floatation Centre!  (Please note: the original newsletter stated 15% off services at The Floatation Centre, but it’s actually just single float sessions.  Thanks for understanding!)

If you’ve never tried floating a.k.a sensory deprivation tanks, you are seriously missing out. Have you ever come to yoga class and left feeling an almost inexplicable sensation or emotion, often referred to by experts (not really) as yoga brain? It’s like that, but to another level, or a different level, or…see, it’s hard to explain because it is that amazing! 75 minutes of pure bliss, experiencing life without the senses that distract our minds, causing us to bounce from one thing to the next with no apparent reasoning. Take the time to let you mind settle, heal your body, and get closer to your most true and helpful self.

The Floatation Centre lives by a motto that Shanti Yoga can really stand behind:
Relax | Connect | Expand
We’ve created this partnership in an effort to give our members more ways to get back themselves. The Floatation Centre is a prime partner in Halifax with whom we share goals, values and beliefs about the human condition. We look forward to the future as we expand this partnership program to include more like-minded and local businesses for our members to take advantage of. Stay tuned yogis.
You can get more info about The Floatation Centre on their website at, or write to get all the details on your first visit. Founder & Owner, Lindsay MacPhee, is just about the sweetest gal in Halifax and excited to fill you in on the experience of Floating.