Custom Bach Flower Formulas Now Available!

Have you ever used Rescue Remedy? It’s a type of herbal treatment known as flower essences.

Bach Flower Essences is a system of 38 flowers meant to balance out negative emotions and transform them into more positive ones.  Bach Flower Essences are very gentle and have no risk of side-effects or interactions with medications.  The most commonly used remedy consists of 5 flowers known as Rescue Remedy, which works wonders at reducing stress (and even works on pets, too!).
Dr. Tara is now setup to customize your own personal Bach flower formula to aid with feelings of stress, anxiety, low mood, tension, emotional PMS symptoms, and feeling run down & tired.
Each personalized, 45-minute appointment @ $85.00 (no HST) is covered under Naturopathic Medicine for most extended healthcare plans.  Contact us for more info on booking a Bach Flower consultation (902.453-5628 or